Gonna Walk for Charity – HSSV Walk n Wag 2015

Chewy Challenge 009

Hello Friends,

We have formed a team and are walking this year’s Walk n Wag for HSSV!
As many of you may know, I, Molly Ragmuffin came from HSSV. My humans think they are so lucky to have me in their lives; and, more so, to have HSSV in our lives as well. And I am so very lucky to have found a great family, thanks to HSSV.

Noodles has gone to HSSV for her spay surgery, microchipping, and regular shots. They not only do a fantastic job of caring for pets, but for routine things like vaccines, they are a lot cheaper than going to a vet (no fee for the visit). Noodles: “We love them very much – almost as much for their love and care as for the yummy treats they sell in their store.”

So consider helping us raise funds for this great institution. It will be money well spent, I guarantee. Just click this LINK to donate.

Thank you!

It Came So Fast That – Molly’s Number Three

I had no idea when I woke up that yesterday would be a special day for Me. It was MY THIRD BIRTHDAY! I was so happy trotting around and smiling and stuff. I just knew TODAY was going to be special.
Following a yummy and nutritious breakfast, I went BYE BYE in the car. I love going Bye Bye in the car. First stop was PETSMART for some presents. There is so much to choose from that it was really hard to get just the right thing. Plus we just got some super cool treats to try from Chewy.com so we really didn’t need anything there either.
After a lot of deliberation, I picked out a special meal for myself (I am naturally lean and so I can get away with eating those high calorie canned meals. . . Noodles can’t. She has to lose 2 pounds by her next DOGter visit, you know. I also made sure to get something for whitening my pearly white teeth and freshening my breath. Mom was very happy with her choice.
Following the trip to the store, it was back home to prepare for the family party. Noodles and I played some and lazed some. I did everything I always want to do but feel there is never enough time to do – like nap. . . and bark and a passing squirrel . . .  and nap . . . and bark at the car door shutting . . . and nap. It was so relaxing.
We BOTH got special meals with DESSERT because Noodles’s birthday celebration was sorta small as we were out of town on her actual birthday.
I enjoyed MY birthday dinner and MY special DESSERT.
Noodles STARTED with dessert. She said it was yummy so why wait? Then she hit the main course with total abandon, as she always does when food is involved. What a yummy and very appreciated meal.

Testing. . . Testing. . . One. . . Two. . . Three

Some of you noticed the big box from CHEWY.COM in my last post. You are so clever and RIGHT. It so happens that Noodles and I have been chosen by Ms. Sydney at Chewy.com to review a new formulation of Nature’s Variety Instinct line – RAW BOOST. We said sure – why not. Always up for trying something new. Besides, this one looks and smells delectable.

Well, truth be told, it IS very very delectable. Tasty. Yummy. Pick any adjective for GOOD and you got it. We took pictures of when we first got the food – always exciting – and then we get to eat it for a month SOLID. After the month, we are to say what we like or don’t like about the food.


What’s not to like? Crunchy flavorful kibble AND melt in your mouth freeze-dried meat and fish! I mean, come on! It is a SLAM DUNK (to use a little Warriors Basketball lingo).


Suffice it to say this is gonna be ONE FUN MONTH.

Where Have I Been? Mostly Home

HI. Miss me? I am sorry to drop out of Blogville for so long. I needed to get my assistant in line and that took like forever. But I think we have had a meeting of the minds now and all is good. I will try to post pictures and thoughts from time to time. I still have many of both. It would be a great help of my FURIENDS would send me their questions regarding my HIATUS such as

1. Where were you?

2. How are you doing?

3. Go anywhere fun?

4. Make any new friends?

5 Have any new milestones

etc. Just leave a comment and I will get back to you in a future post.


I'm the cutie pie on the left

I’m the cutie pie on the left

Where Have I been?

I am sooooooooooooooo Sorry I have been away so long. It seems like there is never enough time in the day to fit in all things. I am trying to stay on track, though. Let me know what you think I need to write about.



Stop the presses! I want to announce that I am now two years old. I am so excited because I heard, from Noodles, that TWO is a very special age. Not sure why and she was pretty vague about it. . . but you know. . .

2nd Birthday Girl

I got lotsa new things like TOYS for my big day and even had a special cake, as you can see in the picture. But the most special thing I got was my very first BIG GIRL BED.


Isn’t it the most lovely bed every? I feel like a princess.

Where Have I BEEN?????

I am sure some of you have been wondering where I have been lately. Well, the answer is nowhere special. It is just my assistant has been LAX in helping me with my posts.

This is a very action-packed time of the year at our house. School is winding down and activities ramping up. We have a VERY IMPORTANT graduation this year that is really causing a stir – My Mommy is graduating from HIGH SCHOOL! Yes, it is true. She will be going to university next year.

Lucky for me she will be close by and can visit me like ALL THE TIME.

Celebrating Graduation

Celebrating Graduation