Testing. . . Testing. . . One. . . Two. . . Three

Some of you noticed the big box from CHEWY.COM in my last post. You are so clever and RIGHT. It so happens that Noodles and I have been chosen by Ms. Sydney at Chewy.com to review a new formulation of Nature’s Variety Instinct line – RAW BOOST. We said sure – why not. Always up for trying something new. Besides, this one looks and smells delectable.

Well, truth be told, it IS very very delectable. Tasty. Yummy. Pick any adjective for GOOD and you got it. We took pictures of when we first got the food – always exciting – and then we get to eat it for a month SOLID. After the month, we are to say what we like or don’t like about the food.


What’s not to like? Crunchy flavorful kibble AND melt in your mouth freeze-dried meat and fish! I mean, come on! It is a SLAM DUNK (to use a little Warriors Basketball lingo).


Suffice it to say this is gonna be ONE FUN MONTH.


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