It Came So Fast That – Molly’s Number Three

I had no idea when I woke up that yesterday would be a special day for Me. It was MY THIRD BIRTHDAY! I was so happy trotting around and smiling and stuff. I just knew TODAY was going to be special.
Following a yummy and nutritious breakfast, I went BYE BYE in the car. I love going Bye Bye in the car. First stop was PETSMART for some presents. There is so much to choose from that it was really hard to get just the right thing. Plus we just got some super cool treats to try from so we really didn’t need anything there either.
After a lot of deliberation, I picked out a special meal for myself (I am naturally lean and so I can get away with eating those high calorie canned meals. . . Noodles can’t. She has to lose 2 pounds by her next DOGter visit, you know. I also made sure to get something for whitening my pearly white teeth and freshening my breath. Mom was very happy with her choice.
Following the trip to the store, it was back home to prepare for the family party. Noodles and I played some and lazed some. I did everything I always want to do but feel there is never enough time to do – like nap. . . and bark and a passing squirrel . . .  and nap . . . and bark at the car door shutting . . . and nap. It was so relaxing.
We BOTH got special meals with DESSERT because Noodles’s birthday celebration was sorta small as we were out of town on her actual birthday.
I enjoyed MY birthday dinner and MY special DESSERT.
Noodles STARTED with dessert. She said it was yummy so why wait? Then she hit the main course with total abandon, as she always does when food is involved. What a yummy and very appreciated meal.

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  1. Happy Birthday Molly !! Looks like you had a grrrrrreat day.
    I can’t believe dat you both sat so good waiting to eat your birthday meal. I would never wait and pose for a pic wiff such yummy food in front of me.

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