Gonna Walk for Charity – HSSV Walk n Wag 2015

Chewy Challenge 009

Hello Friends,

We have formed a team and are walking this year’s Walk n Wag for HSSV!
As many of you may know, I, Molly Ragmuffin came from HSSV. My humans think they are so lucky to have me in their lives; and, more so, to have HSSV in our lives as well. And I am so very lucky to have found a great family, thanks to HSSV.

Noodles has gone to HSSV for her spay surgery, microchipping, and regular shots. They not only do a fantastic job of caring for pets, but for routine things like vaccines, they are a lot cheaper than going to a vet (no fee for the visit). Noodles: “We love them very much – almost as much for their love and care as for the yummy treats they sell in their store.”

So consider helping us raise funds for this great institution. It will be money well spent, I guarantee. Just click this LINK to donate.

Thank you!


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