Stop the presses! I want to announce that I am now two years old. I am so excited because I heard, from Noodles, that TWO is a very special age. Not sure why and she was pretty vague about it. . . but you know. . .

2nd Birthday Girl

I got lotsa new things like TOYS for my big day and even had a special cake, as you can see in the picture. But the most special thing I got was my very first BIG GIRL BED.


Isn’t it the most lovely bed every? I feel like a princess.


Where Have I BEEN?????

I am sure some of you have been wondering where I have been lately. Well, the answer is nowhere special. It is just my assistant has been LAX in helping me with my posts.

This is a very action-packed time of the year at our house. School is winding down and activities ramping up. We have a VERY IMPORTANT graduation this year that is really causing a stir – My Mommy is graduating from HIGH SCHOOL! Yes, it is true. She will be going to university next year.

Lucky for me she will be close by and can visit me like ALL THE TIME.

Celebrating Graduation

Celebrating Graduation

Attention SURPLUS

We had a lot of HUMANS at our house yesterday. I had never met most of them before. You know what that meant? A lot of new humans showering me with attention.

I L+O+V+E it so much.

The Easter Bunny came by with a big basket for Noodles, Sunshine and me. It had treats! It had Greenies! It had some new toys. How lucky can a puppy get?

Posed Easter 4